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Bringing People and Industry Together

Providing our registered industry business members with the essential leadership, guidance and industry resources needed to grow their economic activities in the Canadian wood recycling industry.


Construction & Demolition
Wood Recycling Services

Uniting Canadian wood recycling industry leaders to provide their respective
construction & demolition wood recycling services.


2022 Membership Application

Join us and we will assist you in developing a tailor-made Canadian recycling business strategy that will not only generate profit, but will also ensure that you keep ahead of the industry curve going into 2023


Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group.

Providing Canadian Wood recycling industry leadership & business resources

We are ready to help you research, start and or expand your Wood recycling Bioeconomy industry business activities in the Canadian Wood recycling industry

Thank you for viewing our Canadian Wood Recycling industry services. We now offer you the opportunity to build your environmental Legacy.

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Join us as a member, we will assist you to grow a sustainable waste Wood recycling business presence in the Canadian Wood recycling industry.

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The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group, is a for profit business management business, membership supported and directed. As Canada’s leading Wood waste recycling, Bioeconomy industry resource management business group, we unite the elite, global, like-minded industry leaders, the people, business, academia and governments together in building the national Canadian Wood Recycling industry.


The exchange of Wood recycling, Bioeconomy business information between members, partnerships, stakeholders and government


Represent positive Wood recycling, Bioeconomy industry business leadership, administrative, guidance, resource tools, marketing promotions and industry support


Advocate in legislative, rule-making venues, policy, interests to the government and other regulatory bodies


The growth of the Canadian Wood recycling, Bioeconomy industry through our collaborative business development opportunity and services


Become a registered Business national member, invest in your future, we have the business expertise to empower your success in the Canadian Wood Recycling, Bioeconomy industry, achieve the economic and environmental platform outcome desired.


Acceptable Wood Waste Materials

The defined acceptable Wood waste materials can be up to 100% recyclable. Check here to learn more about what defines acceptable wood waste in Canada.

Investing in Canada’s Economic Growth

Building Canada’s national closed-loop Wood recycling industry. Turning wood waste challenges into economic and environmental positive outcome opportunities through our industry collaboration. Find out how!

Yesterday’s landfill and non-essentially burned wood waste 

is tomorrow’s sustainable economic wood resource material

J.A. Donaldson